11/14/18 Update 100 Baby Challenge

Let me give a recap of everything that has happened since i started my 100 Baby Challenge.

Father #1 was Travis Scott and we had some good times and we had some bad times. He provided Allison with three children but unfortunately, with her not used to being a parent, she had social services come and remove one of the children. The two remaining children were Kade and Ethan and they grew into blond young adults who now have their own place.

Father #2 was Khaled Al Arabi and we didn’t have quite as much luck with him but he still provided us with a child. Allison got her wish with her first daughter and Amie grew up into a dark-haired beauty. When she became a young adult she moved in with her two brothers. She still comes to visit her mom once in awhile.

Father #3 was Brant Hecking who had a one-time affair with Allison to provide her with her second daughter. (I will say this, he doesn’t make attractive kids!) Her daughter was named Stefanie and grew into a dark-haired young adult with HUGE lips!!! This makes 4 children who now officially count towards my 100.

Father #4 was Paolo Rocca and he started the trend of Allison having twins. A boy and girl were born to her and they were named Bradly and Rainn. They had a pretty easy childhood and grew into young adults and moved in with the other 4 siblings. That household is filling up pretty quickly but its nice to have all the siblings that are grown together.

Father #5 was Dominic Fyres and he was a bit problematic in the process of seduction. Allison was about to give up when Dominic finally gave in to her seductive ways. He provided Allison with twins also and they are named Nick and Hayley. Right now the twins are child-aged and are very helpful in raising the triplets. They are B-students in grade school and are struggling a little bit but soon will be teenagers.

Father #6 was Vance Arevalo and he was the lucky father of triplets. Tony, Felix, and Sofia Starks were born quickly and Allison is struggling once again to raise triplet toddlers. They all require extraordinary amounts of attention and help and Allison more than once has passed out, once in a puddle left by a toddler who had a potty training accident.

Father #7 is Santa AKA Clement Frost and Allison is in her second trimester with his twins. I can’t wait to see how this goes.

11-11-18 100 Baby challenge Update

Alot of things have happened since i last wrote so please bare with me. Stefanie grew into a teenager and then grew into a young adult and her unattractive childhood has turned into a majorly unattractive young adult. She inherited someone’s big lips!!! Bradly and Rainn are now children and are doing well, they are very cute. Allison gave birth to twins that were fathered by Dominic Fyres and she named them Nick and Hayley. She is also pregnant with a child by Vance Arevalo. Stefanie moved out with her three older siblings and they all come over to visit or chat once in awhile. Allison has been making quite a bit of money from her painting and from Kade’s garden so things are going well so far. Allison is a little frustrated right now in trying to find her next “victim” I mean boyfriend. Every guy she starts to talk to either disappears or ignores her. I hope things start getting better for her!

Total Child Count as of right now: 4 young adults (Stefanie, Amie, Kade, and Ethan), 2 children (Bradly and Rainn), and 2 toddlers (Nick and Hayley)!!!

11/9/18 100 Baby Challenge Update

Quite a few things have happened since my last update and I’m happy to say that the first 3 children that Allison had, are officially young adults (so they count) and have moved out of the house! Kade, Ethan, and Amie got a house together and are living in the same town as their mom and their younger step-siblings. Stefanie got her skills maxed out and is officially a child and the twins were born and they are named Bradly and Rainn. Allison had one boy and one girl and the household is running quite smoothly. Stefanie was an adorable toddler but she’s not the most attractive child. Allison is going to miss the extra income that Kade, Ethan, and Amie were bringing to the house but hopefully her painting and programming will get more cash in.

Stefanie is trying to be a good big sister and help her mom by cleaning the house and stuff but some days it’s just not enough. Allison had a bit of a mental breakdown but is recovering nicely. All in all, things are going well and Kade, Ethan, and Amie have stopped by for a visit to see their young siblings. Allison took over Kade’s garden and it is looking okay but we are entering winter so things will be slowing down there soon. Ta-ta for now!

11/6/18-11/7/18 Update 100 Baby challenge

Allison learned recently she was pregnant with child #5 and that she was going to have a baby girl. The child’s father was Brant Hecking and he made an okay father-to-be but Allison knew that soon she would have to leave him to go on the hunt for the next father. Within a few days, the child was born and Allison named the girl, Stefanie. During her pregnancy, Ethan and Kade became “A” students in school and grew into teenagers. Ethan got the aspiration to become a Super Parent and his traits are now Mean and Dance Machine. Kade got the aspiration of Chief of Mischief and his traits are gloomy and insider. Things are going well for this family of five and they have earned enough money to buy a new house. With a new house came a new welcome party and Allison made some new male “friends” that she could potentially use in the future. She met Bob Pancakes and his wife and Vance Arevalo and his wife. Shortly after they moved into the new house and while Allison is adjusting to the new baby, Amie also became an “A” student and grew into a teen. Her lifetime aspiration is to become a City Native and her traits are genius and Dog lover.

Money was tight at this new house and with the brand new baby, Allison could not paint and write to support the family. Kade went out behind his mother’s back and got a part-time job to try and help out since he was always the “good” child. He became a manual laborer and was eager for his first day of work. Seeing the smile on their mother’s face, Amie also went out and got a part-time job to help support the family. She started working as a babysitter. Amie was the first one to attend her job and the first night, started with a crisis. Luckily she solved the problems and with a little stress, she made it through.

Allison, while her kids are at school and the baby was napping, went outside to see if she could meet anyone. Low and behold, she ran into Paolo Rocca, and after a quick interaction and some time spent together, Allison was soon pregnant and this time she was having twins. She rushed to tell him the news and he was overjoyed.

To give Allison time to sleep, Paolo took care of Stefanie’s needs even though Allison had become an amazing parent and maxed out her parenting skills. Usually, when the twin teenaged boys were home, they took care of the baby to give their mom time to relax. This pregnancy was taking the life out of her, because for the first time ever she was experiencing morning sickness, BADLY!!! Life was tough for the Starks’ but it was soon going to get tougher with the arrival of the twins.

Note: I gave the teenager’s some wardrobe changes and hair styles due to their very unstylish ways. The girl is Amie and Ethan is in green/brown and Kade is always in blue!

11-5-18 Update

Amie has undergone a lot of changes in this update. First she grew from an infant to a toddler and since she maxed all her skills, she got to then grow up into a beautiful young girl. The twin boys are doing well in school and are well on their way to getting A’s. Allison is looking for her next suitor and it will go a little easier now that the twins and Amie will be in school during the day. Not a lot got done when she was raising a toddler and infant. They still live in their original house but are looking to shortly move into a better place. I wish Allison, Kade, Ethan, and Amie luck as we progress slowly with their lives.

My 100 Baby Challenge

Kade and Ethan Starks are progressing nicely and are ready to become children and Allison is loving her new infant daughter, Amie. Money is tight but Allison is splurging on a cake to give her boys the birthday party they deserve. She invites the boys’ father and her daugther’s father as well. Things don’t go too badly and her boys have finally become children. What will time hold for Allison Starks and her quickly growing family? Who will father her next child? All that and more in this update of my 100 baby Challenge.

Kade was the first to age up into a child and he was given the aspiration of Social Butterfly and his assigned trait was gloomy. This could make things interesting. Shortly after, Ethan grew up into a child next and his aspiration is rambunctious scamp and his trait is mean. After some quick outfit changes, the boys sat down to work on their homework to prepare for their first day of elementary school. As children, they are luckily more self-sufficient and Allison has more time to focus on Amie and her needs. Soon Amie will be a toddler and Allison will need to start teaching her skills for her life.

Family Moments

These are some miscellaneous moments that have happened in the family while Allison is raising her twin toddler boys. She’s having a tough time while being almost 9 months pregnant with her next child. Luckily both of her sons are close to getting all their skills to level 3 so soon they can be aged up to children and will ease the workload on her. Also Travis came to visit his boys and helped Allison with some of the care and responsibility.

100 Baby Challenge

Meet Allison Starks, a young adult female, who has always dreamed of having a large family. An elderly witch in her lineage put a hex on her that she would have a large family but she would only be able to reproduce with each man once. She was also destined to have 100 heirs in her lifetime and that would prove to be a challenge. Allison is very family-oriented but even she could not prepare for a legacy like this. First thing she had to do was meet her first “victim” I mean donor! When she first moved into town and bough a house, a welcome party came to greet her. Among the people who showed up, was a nice young man named Travis Scott. As the time went on, Allison made them all a Thanksgiving meal and she started flirting with him. By the end of the night, she invited him to spend the night and he was so excited for a sleepover. Obviously the attraction between them was mutual and soon they found themselves woohooing for the first time. The next morning she woke up with morning sickness and knew that the cycle was starting. Over the next nine months, she found out from the doctor that she was having triplet boys and began to prepare her house for the pending arrivals. When the day came for the birth to happen, Travis disappeared never to be seen again! She would have to raise her kids alone.

Single motherhood was not easy for Allison and before her boys had even become toddlers, social services had removed one of them from the home due to neglect. But shortly, they became toddlers and she vowed to be the best mother she could be. She spent her days teaching the remaining boys how to talk, walk, potty, and even some manners. But soon she was back to doing art to earn money for food for the children. While outside doing her painting, Allison met a man named Khaled Al Arabi and they instantly hit it off. Soon they had woohooed and Allison found out she was pregnant with another child. She hoped her boys would help teach their sibling and that maybe this time would go a little easier.