100 Baby Challenge

Meet Allison Starks, a young adult female, who has always dreamed of having a large family. An elderly witch in her lineage put a hex on her that she would have a large family but she would only be able to reproduce with each man once. She was also destined to have 100 heirs in her lifetime and that would prove to be a challenge. Allison is very family-oriented but even she could not prepare for a legacy like this. First thing she had to do was meet her first “victim” I mean donor! When she first moved into town and bough a house, a welcome party came to greet her. Among the people who showed up, was a nice young man named Travis Scott. As the time went on, Allison made them all a Thanksgiving meal and she started flirting with him. By the end of the night, she invited him to spend the night and he was so excited for a sleepover. Obviously the attraction between them was mutual and soon they found themselves woohooing for the first time. The next morning she woke up with morning sickness and knew that the cycle was starting. Over the next nine months, she found out from the doctor that she was having triplet boys and began to prepare her house for the pending arrivals. When the day came for the birth to happen, Travis disappeared never to be seen again! She would have to raise her kids alone.

Single motherhood was not easy for Allison and before her boys had even become toddlers, social services had removed one of them from the home due to neglect. But shortly, they became toddlers and she vowed to be the best mother she could be. She spent her days teaching the remaining boys how to talk, walk, potty, and even some manners. But soon she was back to doing art to earn money for food for the children. While outside doing her painting, Allison met a man named Khaled Al Arabi and they instantly hit it off. Soon they had woohooed and Allison found out she was pregnant with another child. She hoped her boys would help teach their sibling and that maybe this time would go a little easier.

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