11/6/18-11/7/18 Update 100 Baby challenge

Allison learned recently she was pregnant with child #5 and that she was going to have a baby girl. The child’s father was Brant Hecking and he made an okay father-to-be but Allison knew that soon she would have to leave him to go on the hunt for the next father. Within a few days, the child was born and Allison named the girl, Stefanie. During her pregnancy, Ethan and Kade became “A” students in school and grew into teenagers. Ethan got the aspiration to become a Super Parent and his traits are now Mean and Dance Machine. Kade got the aspiration of Chief of Mischief and his traits are gloomy and insider. Things are going well for this family of five and they have earned enough money to buy a new house. With a new house came a new welcome party and Allison made some new male “friends” that she could potentially use in the future. She met Bob Pancakes and his wife and Vance Arevalo and his wife. Shortly after they moved into the new house and while Allison is adjusting to the new baby, Amie also became an “A” student and grew into a teen. Her lifetime aspiration is to become a City Native and her traits are genius and Dog lover.

Money was tight at this new house and with the brand new baby, Allison could not paint and write to support the family. Kade went out behind his mother’s back and got a part-time job to try and help out since he was always the “good” child. He became a manual laborer and was eager for his first day of work. Seeing the smile on their mother’s face, Amie also went out and got a part-time job to help support the family. She started working as a babysitter. Amie was the first one to attend her job and the first night, started with a crisis. Luckily she solved the problems and with a little stress, she made it through.

Allison, while her kids are at school and the baby was napping, went outside to see if she could meet anyone. Low and behold, she ran into Paolo Rocca, and after a quick interaction and some time spent together, Allison was soon pregnant and this time she was having twins. She rushed to tell him the news and he was overjoyed.

To give Allison time to sleep, Paolo took care of Stefanie’s needs even though Allison had become an amazing parent and maxed out her parenting skills. Usually, when the twin teenaged boys were home, they took care of the baby to give their mom time to relax. This pregnancy was taking the life out of her, because for the first time ever she was experiencing morning sickness, BADLY!!! Life was tough for the Starks’ but it was soon going to get tougher with the arrival of the twins.

Note: I gave the teenager’s some wardrobe changes and hair styles due to their very unstylish ways. The girl is Amie and Ethan is in green/brown and Kade is always in blue!

2 thoughts on “11/6/18-11/7/18 Update 100 Baby challenge

  1. I read in the official rules that were posted that teen sims could get part-time jobs. Only the matriarch and her heir cannot get a job.

    “Careers and Part-Time Employment
    Your matriarch and any heiresses that come after her cannot have a job, ever. Any means of making money that does not involve a career are allowed, so your matriarch may paint, write, perform etc, to bring money into the household but she cannot join the painter, writer, entertainer or any other careers. [See Get To Work, Dine Out, City Living, and Cats & Dogs sections for exceptions]
    Teenagers may hold part-time jobs to help support the family and bring in extra income.”

    Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z7DJgxbyViBnE93PEnBHk6iGSjbWOfoit9xiYPMNM6Q/edit?fbclid=IwAR3l5D4_7MwMJqha_H15woJXQxzI7wHcsKVUIrRcJdzvNMAKMtw42xLKNbg#bookmark=id.dpezyf2jreht


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