11-11-18 100 Baby challenge Update

Alot of things have happened since i last wrote so please bare with me. Stefanie grew into a teenager and then grew into a young adult and her unattractive childhood has turned into a majorly unattractive young adult. She inherited someone’s big lips!!! Bradly and Rainn are now children and are doing well, they are very cute. Allison gave birth to twins that were fathered by Dominic Fyres and she named them Nick and Hayley. She is also pregnant with a child by Vance Arevalo. Stefanie moved out with her three older siblings and they all come over to visit or chat once in awhile. Allison has been making quite a bit of money from her painting and from Kade’s garden so things are going well so far. Allison is a little frustrated right now in trying to find her next “victim” I mean boyfriend. Every guy she starts to talk to either disappears or ignores her. I hope things start getting better for her!

Total Child Count as of right now: 4 young adults (Stefanie, Amie, Kade, and Ethan), 2 children (Bradly and Rainn), and 2 toddlers (Nick and Hayley)!!!

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