11/9/18 100 Baby Challenge Update

Quite a few things have happened since my last update and I’m happy to say that the first 3 children that Allison had, are officially young adults (so they count) and have moved out of the house! Kade, Ethan, and Amie got a house together and are living in the same town as their mom and their younger step-siblings. Stefanie got her skills maxed out and is officially a child and the twins were born and they are named Bradly and Rainn. Allison had one boy and one girl and the household is running quite smoothly. Stefanie was an adorable toddler but she’s not the most attractive child. Allison is going to miss the extra income that Kade, Ethan, and Amie were bringing to the house but hopefully her painting and programming will get more cash in.

Stefanie is trying to be a good big sister and help her mom by cleaning the house and stuff but some days it’s just not enough. Allison had a bit of a mental breakdown but is recovering nicely. All in all, things are going well and Kade, Ethan, and Amie have stopped by for a visit to see their young siblings. Allison took over Kade’s garden and it is looking okay but we are entering winter so things will be slowing down there soon. Ta-ta for now!

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