My 100 Baby Challenge

Kade and Ethan Starks are progressing nicely and are ready to become children and Allison is loving her new infant daughter, Amie. Money is tight but Allison is splurging on a cake to give her boys the birthday party they deserve. She invites the boys’ father and her daugther’s father as well. Things don’t go too badly and her boys have finally become children. What will time hold for Allison Starks and her quickly growing family? Who will father her next child? All that and more in this update of my 100 baby Challenge.

Kade was the first to age up into a child and he was given the aspiration of Social Butterfly and his assigned trait was gloomy. This could make things interesting. Shortly after, Ethan grew up into a child next and his aspiration is rambunctious scamp and his trait is mean. After some quick outfit changes, the boys sat down to work on their homework to prepare for their first day of elementary school. As children, they are luckily more self-sufficient and Allison has more time to focus on Amie and her needs. Soon Amie will be a toddler and Allison will need to start teaching her skills for her life.

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