11/14/18 Update 100 Baby Challenge

Let me give a recap of everything that has happened since i started my 100 Baby Challenge.

Father #1 was Travis Scott and we had some good times and we had some bad times. He provided Allison with three children but unfortunately, with her not used to being a parent, she had social services come and remove one of the children. The two remaining children were Kade and Ethan and they grew into blond young adults who now have their own place.

Father #2 was Khaled Al Arabi and we didn’t have quite as much luck with him but he still provided us with a child. Allison got her wish with her first daughter and Amie grew up into a dark-haired beauty. When she became a young adult she moved in with her two brothers. She still comes to visit her mom once in awhile.

Father #3 was Brant Hecking who had a one-time affair with Allison to provide her with her second daughter. (I will say this, he doesn’t make attractive kids!) Her daughter was named Stefanie and grew into a dark-haired young adult with HUGE lips!!! This makes 4 children who now officially count towards my 100.

Father #4 was Paolo Rocca and he started the trend of Allison having twins. A boy and girl were born to her and they were named Bradly and Rainn. They had a pretty easy childhood and grew into young adults and moved in with the other 4 siblings. That household is filling up pretty quickly but its nice to have all the siblings that are grown together.

Father #5 was Dominic Fyres and he was a bit problematic in the process of seduction. Allison was about to give up when Dominic finally gave in to her seductive ways. He provided Allison with twins also and they are named Nick and Hayley. Right now the twins are child-aged and are very helpful in raising the triplets. They are B-students in grade school and are struggling a little bit but soon will be teenagers.

Father #6 was Vance Arevalo and he was the lucky father of triplets. Tony, Felix, and Sofia Starks were born quickly and Allison is struggling once again to raise triplet toddlers. They all require extraordinary amounts of attention and help and Allison more than once has passed out, once in a puddle left by a toddler who had a potty training accident.

Father #7 is Santa AKA Clement Frost and Allison is in her second trimester with his twins. I can’t wait to see how this goes.